- August 2012 was a life changing month for Lauren Tamayo. Bringing home a silver medal from the Olympics to the Asheville community was a dream come true. The warm reception from Asheville friends, family and fans left her wanting to give back to the community that has supported her career. Lauren's hometown of Trexlertown, PA was known for their Velodrome and offered free programs to teach kids about the sport of cycling. The program set Lauren down a path of sports, cycling, discipline and amazing experiences as a teenager.

- With the 500 meter asphalt track in Carrier Park the perfect setting for a community program, all the pieces seemed to fit together and ROK was created.

- Lauren now looks back as an Olympic medalist and is thankful of the program in Trexlertown that started what has become her career and life.





The Purpose of the Program:

"Ride On Kids" has been established as a non profit program to promote getting kids outside and on bikes. The value of exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the primary focus. The Program is not geared towards racing, its 100% focused on a fun environment where kids can get out and try a new sport; CYCLING."

"Ride On kids" is free of charge to the kids. The program provides the bicycle, helmet, venue, and instructors. Essentially a kid needs to come in gym clothes and ready to learn about track cycling. One of the goals of "Ride on Kids" is to facilitate parents and families to try cycling in a safe enverionment; while also make it available to all financially. "

Ride On Kids has been working closely with YMCA of Western North Carolina to launch the pilot program. The city of Asheville has contributed the use of Carrier Park on Amboy rd.